Teddy Bear Figurines, can you figure it out?

Today is Tuesday, all day, and for you readers today I will write for you about a new topic. Often people ask me what is so special about collecting Teddy Bear figurines. You love Teddy Bears? But you have no place? Why not having a look for figurines. There is a huge choice from small to big, from different materials. There are real collectibles out there, made of porcelain, even hand made and hand painted. Some are also limited editions and get real collectors value over time. In a big wooden frame you can hang them on the wall they make a very nice impression. Or if you have young kids try it with rubber Teddy Bears and take them for a bath, your kids will love them. You can also specialize yourself and collect only figurines from one brand, like Cherished Teddies, rich in details and very cute. Place them all over your house, your desk, your cabinet, at your window, on your kitchen working bank, or glue them for fun on your dashboard in your car :) the possibilities are unlimited. Next month we will go a bit more in detail for special collectibles.


And can you figure it out which Teddy Bear figurines you will collect? Drop me a line below.

Your McTeddy Collector.

Some figurines of our collection.

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