We give lost and forgotten Teddy Bears a new home!

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McTeddy Foster Home Care!

Over the years, besides of Teddy Bears who received a new home with us,  we received and still receive many homeless Teddy Bears, some come to us in a bad condition or are hurt, because of an accident they had, or just thrown away and left alone.


We of McTeddy Foster Home Care believe that all Teddy Bears have a Soul and need love too. It is our dream and vision to find a new home for them.


McTeddy Foster Home Care gives Teddy Bears their life back.


We redesign, hand craft, hand paint, and decorate them and give them in their very own way a new life, being that special Teddy Bear showing their character and telling you their story.


Help us to find a new loving home for them and bring happiness in someone’s life.


All our McTeddy Teddy Bears can be adopted in our shop soon to come.


McTeddy McBenny is a little cute Teddy Bear, who loves nature and relaxing. We found him lonely between hundreds of plush left alone with no one to love him. He was so happy to be taken to our Foster Home Care and found his way of life here. Soon to come.


McTeddy McSpeedy is a racer. He loves to race on his horse through our reception room. Soon to come.


McTeddy McNorbeard is a pirate running around with his bag of gold-coins from his treasure. He loves fancy shoes. You can see him above. His whole story will be published soon.

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