McTeddy Foster Home Care New Teddy Bear Arrivals!

McTeddy McNuggets family

Meet the new McTeddy McNuggets family members, who recently arrived at our Foster Home Care. They even brought their lovely dog.


Who am I? Through The Looking Glass!

Once upon a time, there was a Teddy, who could be seen through the looking glass. Who was he? Where was he? Soon to come..... his exclusive photo story here at the McTeddy website.


Monkey See, Monkey Bear!

What is he, is he a monkey? Nooooo. Is he a bear? Noooo. So what is he? Aha he must be a Monkey Bear! :) 

Strange creatures are walking on this earth. Monkey Bear must be a one of them. Well he looks surprised, doesn't he?


Teddy Bear Figurines, can you figure it out?

Today is Tuesday, all day, and for you readers today I will write for you about a new topic. Often people ask me what is so special about collecting Teddy Bear figurines. You love Teddy Bears? But you have no place? Why not having a look for figurines. There is a huge choice from small to big, from different materials. There are real collectibles out there, made of porcelain, even hand made and hand painted. Some are also limited editions and get real collectors value over time. In a big wooden frame you can hang them on the wall they make a very nice impression. Or if you have young kids try it with rubber Teddy Bears and take them for a bath, your kids will love them. You can also specialize yourself and collect only figurines from one brand, like Cherished Teddies, rich in details and very cute. Place them all over your house, your desk, your cabinet, at your window, on your kitchen working bank, or glue them for fun on your dashboard in your car :) the possibilities are unlimited. Next month we will go a bit more in detail for special collectibles.


And can you figure it out which Teddy Bear figurines you will collect? Drop me a line below.

Your McTeddy Collector.

Some figurines of our collection.


We give lost and forgotten Teddy Bears a new home!

Our Service

McTeddy Foster Home Care!

Over the years, besides of Teddy Bears who received a new home with us,  we received and still receive many homeless Teddy Bears, some come to us in a bad condition or are hurt, because of an accident they had, or just thrown away and left alone.


We of McTeddy Foster Home Care believe that all Teddy Bears have a Soul and need love too. It is our dream and vision to find a new home for them.


McTeddy Foster Home Care gives Teddy Bears their life back.


We redesign, hand craft, hand paint, and decorate them and give them in their very own way a new life, being that special Teddy Bear showing their character and telling you their story.


Help us to find a new loving home for them and bring happiness in someone’s life.


All our McTeddy Teddy Bears can be adopted in our shop soon to come.


McTeddy McBenny is a little cute Teddy Bear, who loves nature and relaxing. We found him lonely between hundreds of plush left alone with no one to love him. He was so happy to be taken to our Foster Home Care and found his way of life here. Soon to come.


McTeddy McSpeedy is a racer. He loves to race on his horse through our reception room. Soon to come.


McTeddy McNorbeard is a pirate running around with his bag of gold-coins from his treasure. He loves fancy shoes. You can see him above. His whole story will be published soon.


McTeddy Foster Home Teddy Bears 2016

Some photos of our loved ones. Many OOAK Teddy Bears (One Of A Kind). More to come. Enjoy!


Your McTeddy Collector!


McTeddy Bears in Love!

Teddy Bears in Love!


Left Teddy Bear, Harry, fell in love with Sissy the right Teddy Bear after she arrived and joined our family. They spend a lot of time together cuddling around. Aren't they lovely?


Both Teddy Bears are OOAK (One Of A Kind) made by individual artists. The left Teddy Bear's artist is unknown, the right Teddy Bear, born in 2004, is made by Sissy Bears of Snodland, hand made and signed by Francess Foreman, Collector Bears Only. Both are very small Teddy Bears, Harry is 15 cm high when standing, and 10 cm when sitting around. Sissy is smaller, she is 12 cm high when standing and 9 cm when sitting. All limbs and head can be moved, Harry wears a bell around his neck, he has one so he is sure Sissy will always find him back.


Your McTeddy Collector.

McTeddy Teddy Bear Family

Fechter, Steiff, Teddy Hermann, Zotty
Antique Vintage Teddy Bears

McTeddy Family says hello to you all!


In our McTeddy Foster Home Care we have many newcomers. Here one whole family who have joined our home.


Your McTeddy Collector!


McTeddy Foster Home Teddy Bears 2015

If you love Teddy Bears, you have come to the right place. Here you will find many famous Teddy Bears, from antique to vintage and newer, plush and rare collectibles.

In the Encyclopedia you will find useful information about the history of Teddy Bears and Teddy Bear examples.